Monique Maloney


Monique Maloney-0054_AboutSquare.jpg

Monique Maloney is an award-winning graphic designer, illustrator and educator.

Inspired by nature, Maloney’s style can be described as organic and whimsical. She enjoys weaving hand-rendered elements into a digital format as this blends her love of drawing and illustrating with her passion for design.

She creates her best work in local coffee shops and loves spending time in her studio.

Fun Facts

Her Paisley Nest logo was published in LogoLounge 8 and her 24 blooms logo was published in the Design: Logo book by Von Glitchka.

Monique worked with OtterBox to create a line of iPhone cases for their Studio Collection. Additionally, her Eden floral design was chosen for OtterBox’s newest case, the Symmetry Series.